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Storypark is an organisation with a child care app for communication and engagement whose purpose is to, “help every child fulfil their unique potential, by connecting and empowering the community around them.”

This app has been praised by Marni Flaherty, interim CEO of the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF - click here to learn more) who stated that, “Their new suite of tools to support professional development and collaboration within teams provides new opportunities for enhancing a sense of belonging, mentoring, and personalized professional development. These tools directly align with CWELCC’s funding priorities, which future-focused organizations are realizing.” 

Storypark has been developed, uniquely, by a group of professionals who were raised by moms who had careers in early childhood professions. As the Storypark tools continue to evolve, their focus on connecting and empowering communities hasn’t wavered. The options available to educators, families, and organisations include:

  • Communication Tools (Between educators, between educators & families, etc.)
  • Learning Documentation Tools (Decrease time spent documenting development)
  • Daily Routine Records (Simple recording methods for detail sharing with parents)
  • Planning Tools (Templates, guides, etc.)
  • Insights & Monitoring Tools (Snapshots of a child’s learning over time, etc.)
  • Facilitating Portfolio Creation (Tools to create and share a child’s learning journey)

Storypark is committed to the rights and safety of children. They don’t claim ownership of the information that is shared within their app, and they work with security experts to ensure that the information in the app is only accessible to those who have been granted access.

Storypark wants ECEs, families, and organisations to be able to navigate their tools with ease and provides support and training on how to implement the app and all its resources.

Click here to learn more about Storypark to determine if it is the right fit for your early learning environment.


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