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Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education

December 1, 2023

The Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education were added to the Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence in 2002. Since then over 300 educators have received this award based on their dedication to childhood development, their innovation in their ELCC practises, their involvement with families and the community, and the ways they have shown to be committed leaders in their profession.

Who can nominate an ECE?

Recipients can be nominated by the parents of children, colleagues, centre directors/supervisors, or community leaders.

Why should I nominate an ECE?

Nominating an ECE for a national award positively impacts the person you nominate, your workplace, and the ECE profession as a whole.
How does it do that?

  1. Recognition and Appreciation: This award requires an ECE to uphold quality early learning practices. The recognition of the value of ECEs in the eyes of the general public uplifts the profession in a way that can encourage all ECEs to see their own value.
  2. Community Building within the Workplace: Nominating a colleague for an award fosters a sense of community within the ELCC workforce. It creates a supportive environment where ECEs celebrate each other's successes, leading to a positive and collaborative workplace culture.
  3. Advocacy for the ECE Profession: Reading about the quality early learning practices demonstrated by the recipient ECEs can influence the public, and policymakers, to see the value of investing in the ELCC workforce.

Advocate & Appreciate

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