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The provincially sponsored Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) was developed to collaborate with regulated early learning and child care (ELCC) programs to enhance the quality of the early learning and child care programming being provided to children participating in the regulated child care services sector.

Enhancing the quality of programming impacts everyone involved - the employer, the ECE employees, and the children.

Employers benefit through the enhanced reputation of the program and the increased staff retention that occurs when professional development opportunities and the strengthening of the supportive work environment reduces turnover costs.

ECE Employees benefit through the professional development that can lead to increased job satisfaction and a reduction in work stress.

Children benefit through strengthened learning experiences, improved outcomes, and enriched activities.


Regulated ELCC programs can indicate their interest in participating in the QEP by submitting through email an Initial Consultation Form, a description of the service’s own evaluation and/or enhancement plan/s, and a rationale for how consultation supports the service’s evaluation and/or enhancement plans and how the plans are linked to the policy, legislation, Early Learning Framework, or other recognized ECE literature / research.

The two primary domains that can be addressed by a regulated ELCC program are:

1. Learning Process Quality - This includes the everyday experiences of children and all staff that involves the social, emotional, relationship, learning and care aspects of all interactions during arrivals, departures, field trips, play, rest, meals, routines, responsibilities, transitions and other activities.

2. Structural Quality - This includes the implementation of standards of learning and the quality of the physical learning environment. For example, scheduling, planning, curriculum, program enhancement, educator qualifications, and the learning environment.

Once your program is assigned a Child Care Consultant (specific to the QEP), you can collaborate with the Child Care Consultant on the completion and submission of a signed ELCC Quality Enhancement Grant application at least one month prior to the end of the quarter.

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